FOR SALE ONLINE NOW! is the up-to-the-minute web presence for the novel “ECHO’S REVENGE BOOK 1 V 1.0”, which follows the investigation and search for AAA Reality Game’s ECHO 7. ECHO, Enhanced Combot Hunting Opponent, (V7) was created as the ultimate hunting game monster, programmed to hunt and capture live game opponents at the GAMELAND Combat Center near Palm Spings, California. Prior to the facility opening, ECHO 7 escaped from the GAMELAND Combat Center and kidnaped 77 gamers who are still missing.

The website was created for Sean Austin, who was a writer on the game production team which created ECHO 7. Sean Austin is now attempting, with several key team members, to hunt down ECHO 7, capture it, and reprogram it to play the game it was intended to play.

This website follows the hunt.

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